Massage Benefit Workers and Employers Too

Are you interested in having a workforce that is happier, more energetic and more productive? Would you like to increase employee satisfaction ratings and reduce employee turnover?  Did you know that making chair massage available in your workplace can accomplish all of these things?   Extensive research into the benefits of massage bears this out.  […]

Incorporating Regular Massages for Your Health and Wellness

Health and wellness massage therapy has been proven to offer various benefits that will be discussed in this article. If you have never received a massage for health reasons, now is a good time to try it. There is increasing evidence that suggests it can help in a myriad of ways to improve a person’s […]

How Stretches Help with Massage

One of the best ways to improve the massage you receive has nothing to do with your choice of massage therapist. Stretching properly, either before or after massage, can aid in the body’s healing and augment the sense of relief that often follows a massage session.   Many of us stretch without being aware of […]

Here’s How to Give Your Pet a Massage

In the last post, we explored the whys and wherefores of an increasingly popular trend: pet massage. In this one, we will focus on specific ways you can help your dog or other animal deal with sore muscles, arthritis and similar conditions. Regular massage, like grooming, can be a great way to pay attention to […]

Does Your Pet Need Massage?

You love, cherish and spoil your pet. But do you give them massage?   Along with the glut of luxury pet products and services on the market (everything from a $26,800 Louis Vuitton dog carrier to $100,000 “pet weddings”), pet massage has been viewed by many as a clear example of extravagance.   But particularly […]

The Proven Medicinal Benefits of Massage

If you were to ask a random person on the street 10 years ago what they thought of massage, they might have said it’s a luxury, or a way to get pampered that doesn’t afford long-lasting change.   But this mindset is slowly changing, as new studies have established massage’s health benefits. While scientific evidence […]

Fire and Ice: How Temperature Augments Massage

It’s an age-old question to which everyone seems to have an answer: “Should I use ice or heat to help me with this injury?”   When a part of the body is injured, the body produces what we know as inflammation–the body’s natural way of protecting and healing the injured tissue. The body isn’t concerned […]

From Mueslix to Massage: The Kellogg Story

One of the fathers of modern massage, John Harvey Kellogg, is best known today as a cereal magnate. Born shortly before the Civil War, Kellogg spent his life in Michigan and died in 1943 at the age of 91. Although he and his wife of 67 years, Ella, did not have any of their own […]

Massage Moves into the Modern Era

In the last few posts, we focused on the ancient beginnings of massage, including the efforts by Hippocrates to make it an accepted and common element of medical practice.   Following the Western Dark Ages, Middle Ages and Renaissance, massage once again began moving toward greater acceptance around the world. In 1776, two French missionaries […]

Hippocrates and Massage

In the previous post, we focused on several areas of the ancient world that used massage in their medical practicum. One of massage’s earliest and most influential exponents was the famous doctor Hippocrates; in this one, we will focus on his beliefs and teachings. A great of ancient medicine, Hippocrates of Cos lived in Greece […]