Are you interested in having a workforce that is happier, more energetic and more productive? Would you like to increase employee satisfaction ratings and reduce employee turnover?  Did you know that making chair massage available in your workplace can accomplish all of these things?


Extensive research into the benefits of massage bears this out.  When people experience a chair massage, which primarily focuses on the head and neck, it stimulates blood flow to the brain.  This alone can deliver significant results in increasing alertness.  One of the primary causes of workplace accidents and injuries is drowsiness on the job.


A typical chair massage is fifteen to twenty minutes, and concentrates on the upper body including shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands.  Your massage therapist will bring a special chair, which helps position the client in a proper seating position for maximum benefit.  These are the areas that need particular attention in the workplace today, because so much of our days are spent in workplace activities that physically stress these areas. Mental stress is one of the most costly problems that business owners have to deal with. 


A recent World Health Organization study estimated that the cost of stress for American businesses is $300 billion per year.  This figure was arrived at by considering the cost of absenteeism, job turn-over and lost productivity.  Offering chair massage in the workplace can reduce time lost because of stress related illness and injuries.  There have been many instances of an employee who felt that they needed to leave work because of a headache or other ailment but decided, after receiving a work site chair massage, that they felt well enough to complete their shift.


In addition to the obvious, direct benefit that a chair massage can have on workers who have spend a long day over the keyboard or standing on their feet, massage has been shown to have a positive impact on patients with two of the most costly chronic health conditions:  diabetes and high blood pressure.  Both of these conditions caused increased levels of mental and physical stress in patients.


For this and many other reasons, companies who offer chair massage in their workplace find that it is one of the most cost effective benefits they can offer.  One of the added bonuses for employers is that employees who receive workplace chair massage feel appreciated and cared for.  It’s this type of psychic benefit that really can’t be measured in dollars and cents.  But when employees feel this way, they are more likely to go the extra mile when asked.

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  1. Wow, this piece of writing is good, my younger sister
    is analyzing these kinds of things, thus I am going tto inform her.

  2. It sounds like getting a massage is a great idea! I love the fact that they only last around 15 or 20 minutes for a chair massage, but they still help with mental stress. I wish the office I work at did something like that for everyone.

  3. Yes I totally agree employers need to get chair massages for their employees regularly! Once every 2 weeks or once a month! It would benefit everyone!

  4. I appreciate it when you said that giving office chair massages to the employees will reduce the stress they feel at the job and ultimately reduce the chances of illnesses and resignations. Since the company is just starting up, we have to admit that everyone is stressed. Also, we do not want any of them to resign since we really need people right now. I think we need to give the staff a corporate massage.

  5. It got me when you said that the head, neck, shoulder, and back are the places that need to receive the most attention when it comes to workplace massages since those are the areas that receive the most pressure. I have to agree with this since working in front of the computer for 8 hours straight made my neck stiff. If the boss will give us corporate massages, then he needs to mention to the therapist to focus on these areas.

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