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Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Pain management. Stress relief.
All of these can be yours through massage. I want to help you restore balance in your body, mind, and life. Whether you have specific pain, muscles or an injury that needs attention, or you simply want to take a break from the daily grind, Faye Massage Therapy offers many different types of massage therapy that can be customized for you.

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At Crane Massage Therapy, we focus on individual needs rather than on one given massage type, allowing us to focus on the pain you may be facing in an individualized manner. This is why each session begins with an in-depth conversation about your body, your areas of concern, your wellness needs, and your overall hopes for the session. Together we’ll decide on what type of massage style suits your needs best and optimize your session.

Because we take this approach, you don’t have to choose your massage type ahead of time–just how long you want. We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-minute massages, each customized to your needs. Price is based solely on the duration you choose, so don’t stress, just book your appointment and let us get you ready to conquer your day without muscle aches and tension standing in your way!

30 minutes – $65
60 minutes – $105
90 minutes – $140

Additional Massage Treatments

Reflexology — A special treatment for the hands and feet which encourages health and well-being for the entire body. The pressure is firm and slow. Your hands and feet do a lot of work, but often they’re the most neglected parts of your body. Give them the care and attention they deserve! (Because this isn’t a typical massage, it is priced differently.)

15 minutes (either) – $35
30 minutes (both) – $70

Aromatherapy — Use of essential oils that have been used for centuries and have many beneficial properties i.e. helping headaches go away, clearing up sinuses, etc. during a massage can add a whole new layer to it. When used in a professional manner, this has the potential to reduce stress and enhance well-being. By applying it directly to your skin, it can have even more benefits; for example, relieving your headache or aiding in your circulation.

An add-on to your selected treatment, please request at the time of booking—or before your massage begins.

$5 to $15 each depending on the oil(s) requested

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Swedish massages involve long, kneading strokes.

They are typically gentler than a deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief.

Pregnancy massages are designed for pregnant women and aim to treat back pain as well as tension in the shoulder and neck area.

Deep tissue massages target the connective tissue across the body with powerful movements. 

Trigger point massages target specific contraction knots in your body. Trigger point massage works to release a trigger point by pushing fresh blood in and flushing waste material out.

Our back, neck, and shoulder massage is especially restorative for those individuals cooped up in the office for hours at end. This massage aims to improve posture, increase blood-flow, and release tension.

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