Incorporating Regular Massages for Your Health and Wellness

Health and wellness massage therapy has been proven to offer various benefits that will be discussed in this article. If you have never received a massage for health reasons, now is a good time to try it. There is increasing evidence that suggests it can help in a myriad of ways to improve a person’s […]

Does Your Pet Need Massage?

You love, cherish and spoil your pet. But do you give them massage?   Along with the glut of luxury pet products and services on the market (everything from a $26,800 Louis Vuitton dog carrier to $100,000 “pet weddings”), pet massage has been viewed by many as a clear example of extravagance.   But particularly […]

The Proven Medicinal Benefits of Massage

If you were to ask a random person on the street 10 years ago what they thought of massage, they might have said it’s a luxury, or a way to get pampered that doesn’t afford long-lasting change.   But this mindset is slowly changing, as new studies have established massage’s health benefits. While scientific evidence […]

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

  Unsure of how frequently to get a massage?   There are a few ways to approach the question.   Variables including stress level, your body’s needs and your finances all come into play when selecting a frequency of massage. For someone facing an acute issue like a painful back or neck, more frequent massages […]

Why Massage?

People seek massage therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from simple relaxation to the proven health benefits massage gives. The American Massage Therapy Association found in its 2011 consumer surveys that 90 percent of surveyed consumers believe that massage reduces pain; 18 percent of surveyed adults received a massage in 2011. Of those who […]

Does Massage Remove Toxins? Does Water Help?

In recent years, there has been more and more research into the benefits of massage. And there are many that studies are confirming. Benefits including… relief from stress, headaches and body pain; decreased stiffness and increased muscle and joint flexibility and range of motion; increased circulation and tissue regeneration; improved posture; blood pressure control; decreased […]