Good Pain or Bad Pain?

Whether you’re getting a Swedish massage, a Deep Tissue massage, or almost any other kind, you should expect your massage to feel good. It should be a healing experience. And it might be a little painful.   Some massage, especially the work that gets at the deeper muscles, can be uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  But […]

Warm Stones Add a Healing Touch

Warm stone therapy, also known as hot stone massage, is one of the “hottest” massage modalities being used today. Most commonly requested as a relaxation method, this form of massage uses the direct heat and pressure of the warm, smooth stones to relax muscles and allow practitioners to manipulate deep muscle layers that otherwise are […]

Prenatal Massage

Perfect for women who are pregnant looking for a bit of relaxation and stress relief, pregnancy massage has been determined to be both safe and beneficial.   Studies have concluded that massage specifically given during pregnancy not only decreases stress, anxiety and depression, but also effectively relives pain and has a positive impact on labor […]

Pain in the Neck? Try Deep Tissue Massage

If all of that stress you’re carrying has created some chronic tension or pain like a stiff neck, achy lower back or knots in your shoulders, deep tissue massage may be the solution for you. This modality, or type, of massage is geared toward reliving such tension in and realigning the deep muscles below the […]

More Than Just Skin Deep: The Health Benefits of Massage

Once thought to be the domain of rich housewives and NFL athletes, massage has become a standard treatment in the alleviation of many medical issues and physical manifestations of stress.   Massage therapy is, at its core, a method of manipulating muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. Massage therapists typically use their fingers and palms in […]