Sports or Deep Tissue Massage: What’s in a Name?

Sometimes, reading and choosing from a massage therapist’s menu of services (even mine) can be a bit of a brain-bender.   Sports massage? Deep tissue massage? What’s the difference?   These modalities (or types) of massage often seem interchangeable, but serve different functions.   Both sports and deep tissue massage offer similar massage strokes, like […]

Good Pain or Bad Pain?

Whether you’re getting a Swedish massage, a Deep Tissue massage, or almost any other kind, you should expect your massage to feel good. It should be a healing experience. And it might be a little painful.   Some massage, especially the work that gets at the deeper muscles, can be uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  But […]

Pain in the Neck? Try Deep Tissue Massage

If all of that stress you’re carrying has created some chronic tension or pain like a stiff neck, achy lower back or knots in your shoulders, deep tissue massage may be the solution for you. This modality, or type, of massage is geared toward reliving such tension in and realigning the deep muscles below the […]