While sprawled out flat and receiving a massage, it’s easy to de-stress; in fact, all of the drama of the “real world” can feel like it’s miles away. One may even, in their drowsy, happy state, begin making plans on how they’re going to rearrange their life to prioritize relaxation even more.


But it’s far too easy to slip back into the stress routine, sometimes within minutes of leaving the massage therapist’s office. That reality check can be in the form of an urgent phone call, a commitment we didn’t really want to make, or a to-do list that is completely unrealistic.


The natural response to too much stress in a schedule-prone world is to try to find a large chunk of time to decompress: a completely open Saturday, or that tropical vacation next April. But this often results in built-up stress, which leaves you (and your immune system) susceptible to fatigue, depression, acne, infection, weight gain, heart disease, ulcers, and lots of other undesirables.


Fortunately, stress relief doesn’t have to require eight-hour blocks of time. There are plenty of ways in which one can take a couple of minutes to reach a state of calm; they just require a tactic called “mindfulness,” the way in which we reconnect with ourselves in the moment. Here are some time-tested methods with which we can ground ourselves:





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